My Everyday (1 of 1) December 15, 2014-2.jpg

'My Everyday' is a personal photo journal that I started in November 2014.

After losing my mojo with studio photography I decided I needed something that would make me tick again.

I've hardly used my camera at home since stepping up my portfolio work and I miss having to 'look' for the shot and think about capturing a moment.

I had considered starting a 365 or 52 project but I have tried these previously and I end up failing, just because I 'missed' a day. Instead I decided to start my own photo journal, capturing the 'ordinary' of my day to day life. No pressure, doing it as and when it suits me and posting as many images as I choose. 

These aren't my best photos and they probably won't be of any interest to anyone outside of my family. This is my little online sanctuary, where I come and smile and enjoy images that mean so much to me. Not posed family photos but snapshots of the chaos of my life. The favourite toys, the cheesy smiles and the bedtime routines. Hopefully I can invite you to sense the atmosphere and enjoy a few of my images along the way?

A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.
— Author Unknown