What shall I bring?

This is one of the first questions I get asked a lot by new models that I organise shoots with. Now obviously this varies massively on creative stylised shoots, depending on the concept, but for test shoots I find myself giving the same list out each time. I'm often amazed by how many new models don't have these items, so I thought I would write a post of what, in my opinion, every model should have in her 'go to' bag.

With this basic modular wardrobe you can create beautiful, classy, fashion images by mixing, layering and matching various items. I also recommend items that are not too busy with patterns/logos and in general, black, white or blue denim colours so that everything is interchangeable.

I'd love to know what your thoughts are or if you have any other items you'd add to the list?

Please note, none of these images are mine, they are just images I've googled as an example of each item, they are also not to patronise you as I know you all know what a shirt/jacket etc look like, but I hope they show the variety of images you can get with such a cheap and simple collection.

Vest tops, black, white, tight, baggy

Boyfriend' shirt, white, black, denim

Simple dress - These images are great to showcase how footwear (see later) can make an outfit look completely different.

A baggy 'slouch' jumper

Leather Jacket (A good vintage denim jacket is also another good option)

Bodysuit (If shooting to this level) - High leg is usually better as this extends the look of the leg.

Good fitting jeans, black, blue or white (preferably all three!)



Hats - The more the merrier!

Sunglasses - These can change the whole vibe of a shoot, great for mixing it up!

Footwear - A good mix of formal heels, trainers to doc martens that can change the look of each outfit again.

Lingerie - Obviously this would depend on what levels you are shooting too, but even when not shooting to lingerie level, this still needs some thought. It should be chosen so as to compliment outfits. If unsure, plain and simple, sporty is a is a good starting point and one good fitting (yes this needs emphasizing) set of each colour, black, white and nude preferably to include strapless options.

Male Models

I think male models are a lot easier as we all tend to wear the basics day to day, but the the same principles apply. Keep it simple with white, blacks, denims and neutrals but still the same items maybe throwing a suit in for good measure?