What ELSE shall I Bring? Part 2

There was a lot of feedback from last weeks post about the basic capsule wardrobe to bring to test shoots so thought it would be a good idea to expand further on this subject, also moving into the territory of what NOT to bring!

As before none of the images in this post are mine they are googled examples of the items I'm suggesting

So we have now covered all the basics for a test shoot, but what if we want to expand the shoot into a full portfolio shoot. What are good options to make simple fashion/ editorial images. 

The first thing to remember is everything needs to be exaggerated on camera. What might look great in your local nightclub will generally look very simple and basic on camera. We want to make you look like you belong on the pages of glossy magazines so we need to think fantastic! The more outfits you bring the better, having lots of options is always going to improve your chances of great images. You can never bring too much!

So what works. 

Low cut, slouchy dresses and tops, that can move off the shoulder or open up work well and give different options. 

Sheer, transparent items. These are great to do implied levels with, or layer with lingerie. Lace and crochet type of garments fit this category as well.

Sometimes simple floaty items are the way to turn the focus onto you or the overall image story.

Ok, now we've done all the simple stuff so now you can change it up with strong geometric patterns, sharp lines.

Also after all the neutrals its time to throw bold colours in the mix.

Light loves texture and sheen, so for this extended part of your portfolio shoot pick items that have great textured fabrics, items that shimmer, glitter and shine, 

If your are trying to build a great wardrobe for shoots, hit the charity shops and lookout for bargain vintage items, these can look great in shoots giving them real originality.

If you are doing lingerie shoots, bring as many options as you can and think the more glamourous the better. corsets, stockings, vintage. As much as you can carry. In my experience stockings, tights and hold ups can really make an image have the wow factor so invest in good options for these.

To summarize though YOU CANNOT BRING TOO MUCH! No photographer has ever said 'I wish the model hadn't brought the whole wardrobe!' Especially with accessories, the more options the better!

What not to bring!

  • Always remember clothes should be clean and well pressed. It's no good having a fantastic dress thats full of creases or stains!
  • Everything should fit well. You're not fooling anyone squeezing into a size too small or a cup size too big, It'll stand out on camera.
  • Items with logos, brand names - naff
  • Pilled and bobbly clothing. Again studio lights show everything!
  • The opposite to whatever you've discussed with the photographer previously. You'd be amazed how much this happens. If you haven't got the item then say so, it can ruin a shoot if you don't turn up with what's expected so make sure you communicate!