My Twenty Quick Tips

Morning everyone. I thought I'd share twenty quick tips. Any others you'd care to throw in the hat?

  1. Always shoot in RAW.

  2. Good gear is nice, but don't get hung up on it.

  3. The more photos you take, the better you will get.

  4. Showcase your work online and learn from critique, but don't take it to heart it's just an opinion.

  5. Its all about the details.

  6. You can't look at too many images for inspiration, absorb other people's work.

  7. Learn to see the light and the shadow.

  8. Do what you like, don't try to shoot what you think people expect, find your own style that makes YOU happy.

  9. Keep an ideas journal.

  10. Be confident when you shoot, even if you have to fake it. Confidence is contagious but so are nerves.

  11. Go out and take photos with friends. Learn from each other.

  12. Photography and juxtaposition go together.

  13. Worry less about technical aspects and focus more on compositional aspects of photography.

  14. Join a camera club.

  15. Candid > Posed.

  16. Taking photos of strangers is amazing and a great way to learn quickly.

  17. Photography isn't a hobby - it’s a lifestyle.

  18. The best lesson to learn about post processing is knowing when to stop.

  19. You never stop learning.

  20. Have fun! Otherwise what's the point!