Inside View - An Interview with Little Orange Loves


Next up for my inside view series, is my partner in photography crime and 'go to' makeup artist Kari Roberts, better known as Little Orange Loves. I first met and worked with Kari in November 2013 and its been a crazy experience ever since. Kari's talent was clear from the start and shes far more than just a makeup artist, shes a creative stylist as well. Brilliant at coming up with poses and sets to make the images that little bit extra. Its not often you click with someone so easily but when it comes to creative shoots we are just on the same page, somehow knowing exactly what each other is after and when we've nailed the shot. There was no way I could do a series of interviews without including Kari so lets find out a little more about her.

OK, I guess I'll started with an obvious one! Why 'Little Orange Loves'?

Erm, because I'm interested in all parts of an image and I didn't want to be listed to just hair and make up. So 'little orange loves' can be any thing I love. For example,

'Little orange loves' makeup

'Little orange loves' styling

'Little orange loves' hair

You get the jist. It was important to me to build a brand around my service as I feel it will enable me to progress

On that note, I see you have just started a 'Little Orange Loves - Boutique' What are your plans there?

Plans for the boutique are to make some headdresses for people to buy and add something extra to my shoots. I will also eventually be looking into selling vintage clothing as thats another passion of mine.

How long have you been doing makeup for?

I started doing makeup about 3 years ago when I went to college. I kind of fell into it. (Going to bore you with a long story!) haha. I started out at sixth form studying A levels in Music, Dance, Textiles and Media. When I finished I always thought I would like to go to Uni to study media / journalism as I wanted to write for fashion magazines. But then I decided I wasn't ready to go to uni so I thought I'd go study hairdressing at Warwickshire College. I'd always been interested in hairdressing but hadn't really thought of it as a career. For me, it was such a good choice as I learnt so much, but my tutor could see that there was more in me than just cutting hair. She suggested that I go see the Theatrical Hair and Media Makeup course as she felt this was something I would find interesting. After having a taster session I knew that that's what I wanted to do. The course was really fun we covered like EVERYTHING! I would totally recommend this course for anyone starting out.

Can you see an image from my first shoot?

Haha this will make you laugh cause I was actually the model as well.

What do you enjoy most about it?

I love that I get to work with loads of different people. And I love getting really creative. I have a wild imagination.

What is the worst thing?

Having to carry my bloody suitcase EVERYWHERE. the amount of times people say, ' You must be going somewhere nice, where you off too?' And I'm like ha I'm just going to work and they're like what's in the case and I say makeup they must think I'm a right freak! I never seem to include I'm a makeup artist they must think I need that much for my face ha.

What has been your favourite shoot so far and why?

People are going to think I'm being bias here cause I'm gonna say one that I worked on with you. For me it has to be the bubbles shoot that we created as it was such a rush to get it all done in time and me and Layla blowing all those bubbles was just hilarious. And when the picture came out it was just my favourite ever and still is now. ( it's always the first image in my portfolio)

Any bad experiences?

Erm, not that I can think of.

You've dabbled in modelling a little, would you like to take that further and which would you prefer in the ideal world?

Ha. To be honest I hate being in front of the camera that's why I like to do makeup. But it is kind of fun having your photo taken. I think I could only do it around people that I know because I can't take it seriously. I just get the giggles. So probably makeup. Unless I was a massively well known fashion model. That would be cool walking runway for McQueen or something.

What are your favourite three images to date and why?

1. Bubbles - This is just because I love the icy feel to the image and how everything just came together.

2.  I love this image because I really love the styling and how everything fits together in the image.

3.     I love the composition of this image and feel it has an edge to it. With my lovely friend Ash Millman.


Where would you like it to take you in the long run?

I'd love to be working on big shoots for magazines such as Glamour or Vogue or something or even writing about makeup for such magazines. But I'd also like to work closely with designers such as McQueen, Westwood or Chanel on creating looks for their runway collections. That's would be awesome.

What would your dream shoot be? ( Anything is possible)

Well, something extravagant like the first high fashion shoot on the moon or something! Even though I don't believe that anyone has ever landed on the moon. But that's a story for another day.

Quick fire favourites

Website -Does Instagram count? I'm addicted

Drink - Orange juice. DUHH..

Food - Crisps, call me the crisp bandit. ( especially cheesy Doritos are you sensing a theme here)

Music act - The 1975 or Ben Howard can't choose

TV show - Dinner date. It's absolutely hilariously awkward. Me and my sister love it

Movie - Anything with Leonardo DiCaprio in it. Mmmmm

Joke - Why was the math book crying?Because it had to many problems. Lol

Quote - If plan A doesn’t work, theres 25 other letters.’


Thank's Kari, for making the effort to answer my questions and I hope we continue to work together for a long time however big you end up! Here are a few more of my favourite images Kari worked on.