In the studio with... Laurence Sessou

Last week it was my pleasure to finally work with the beautiful soul that is Laurence Sessou. Our original makeup artist had to cancel due to the call of superstardom on TV! (Congratulations James!) So it gave me a chance to test with the new talent of Sarah Hunston who had contacted me through the magic that is Instagram.

We started off with a few simple headshots and poses using Laurence's leather jacket to get warmed up and the lighting right.

The next plan was for a raw, natural vibe to try and capture Laurence's earthly beauty.

Next the afro came out. I wanted to give these shots a classy, moody atmosphere, with almost a James Bond movie feel!

As shared in the previous post, I made sure I had made a chance to capture her enjoying herself, Laurence has the most infectious smile and laugh ever!

We finished up by changing the makeup colour and outfit for a quick second afro look, before Laurence had to head off!

Lolo web (79 of 90).jpg

We managed to get so much on this shoot it was hard to choose what to use. I ended up editing 90 shots, so may share further images at a later date! This was a great shoot and fantastic to finally meet Laurence and Sarah! Thank you both so much for your time!