Other side of the Lens

Anybody that knows me will tell you how much I hate having my photo taken. I will do anything not to be in 'behind the scenes' images. Recently I needed a new profile image for my Linkedin Profile (which I never use, but realised the image was about 10 years old!) so I asked my good friend Chris Kelly if he could snap a few for me while we was waiting for makeup to done on a shoot.

This put me TOTALLY outside my comfort zone and there are very few people I would trust to do this! However, I am so glad I took the plunge. After a few shots it really opened up my eyes to what we expect from models. For a giggle I tried to really open up and act how I would like a model to act for me. It is SO difficult and intimidating, especially when the others came out the changing room and you have a room full of people focusing on you!

I tried to come up with my own 'interesting' and 'cool' poses, but considering I direct these poses on a regular basis, my nerves got the better of me and I ran out of ideas fast. I tried to show 'emotion', nope nothing, I look the same in every image and when Chris stepped in for a few close ups you just realise how 'in your face' the photographer gets! Now I'm a big 45 year old bloke with a mate shooting me, I can only imagine how a 20 something, young girl, having a grown bloke directing her must feel.

Although I hate any images of me I am really glad I did this quick session and would highly recommend all photographers trying it. It's a real eye opener and my respect for the models has increased more than ever!