Dubai 2015

I'm back up and running after recharging my batteries on a family holiday (Can you recharge your batteries with twin toddlers? I'm not sure a 'holiday' actually describes the break either!)

It was nice to get away and it gave me some time have a think about what I'm doing photography wise so you maye some some changes over the next few weeks. I'm certainly feeling a 'less is more' vibe and a selfish, 'stop trying to please everybody and do what makes you happy' mentality.

I love blogging but think I maybe trying to take it all too seriously and keep it all professional looking (unsuccessfully, I know). I think this needs to change so will be posting a lot more ramblings plus other bits and pieces I enjoy, more like a personal journal from now on. Expect things that inspire me, images, playlists news articles, anything! 

For now though here are my holiday snaps all presented in a rather funky new Album hosting website called I found this just before I left and have to say, I'm impressed with its simplicity and professional appearence. 

As for the photos they aren't the greatest images as with relentless two year olds and 40 degrees heat, I didn't get the camera out much but I love 'em cause they are of my very special crazies who although they drive me mad, I'd be nothing without.