Shawna Leigh Edmonds

Last week I ended up shooting my fast becoming, 'muse' along with being my 'photography assistant', Shawna Leigh Edmonds, twice in one week! It would be easy to think how can you shoot anybody so much, but Shawna is becoming more and more versatile with every shoot and really throws herself into the action, working hard to get the final image. If you haven't worked with her yet I couldn't recommend her highly enough! You can find her details here!

The first shoot of the week was a bit of a test shoot whilst the second was a fantastic, beauty shoot. For the first test, Shawna did her own make up and wanted to shoot something a little 'edgier' compared to her previous shoots. We managed five different sets in just over two hours!

The first set we kept simple, in front of a white wall with just speedlight, always planning that the images would be B&W but worked on the emotion and attitude of the poses/ styling. For the second set we moved to a different area using a new couch in the studio. I planned for these to be in colour but to try and give a more casual/candid feel to the images. Relaxed, but still include a lot of emotion and attitude.  We also got my favourite prop, the fan out for a few obligatory hair swooshing images before moving on to the next set.

I love these images and I think Shawna totally smashed every shoot we did last week. It's great to see her developing as a model and hopefully the hard work will pay off soon for her!