15 Minutes with... Holly Alexander

While helping out with a friends shoot the other night I discovered another friend and model Holly Alexander was shooting at a studio round the corner. I messaged her and suggested she should pop in for a catch up after she had finished. When Holly arrived the shoot was over running so we chatted until the shoot had finished up and when we came to clear up I jokingly, suggested lets do a very quick 15 minute shoot before we pack up and see what we come up with! Ever the professional poseur, Holly didn't take any persuading and jumped straight into the spotlight. I strictly kept it fifteen minutes 1) to challenge myself and 2) we all wanted to go home! I told Holly that I wanted something raw and emotive (pretty standard from me these days! I think I've found my style!) Holly totally nailed it! I really like these images and it's inspired me to start a project of these raw, mini shoots. Who knows where it'll take me but keep your eyes peeled for more 'Fifteen minutes with' posts in the near future!