In the studio with... Holly Phillips

I first met Holly when she kindly stepped in to be my Captain America for my recent Marvel beauty project. Holly is a 16 year old new face and after helping out on a few low key shoots, now has a taste for taking modelling more seriously.

Holly contacted me and asked if she could do a simpler test shoot to show the real 'her' as all her previous shoots had been beauty shoots with full make up. 

She arranged her own makeup artist, Megan Crowton, who I discovered is also only 17 and this was her first ever shoot!

Our first look was a very simple, 'nude' looking makeup but Megan's work was flawless and she's definitely another talent to watch out for in the future and I hope I get to work with her again soon!

Holly quickly changed into a new outfit, this time a floaty, gypsy like top and Megan darkened the lips with the hair pushed over to one side to give a soft more mature look.

Lastly I got Holly to throw on a simple turtleneck, darken the lips further and put her hair up to give a more modern, edgy look. I wanted her to give me more attitude in this set and I thinks he did great considering how new she is too this.

The shoot was very relaxed, Holly has a personality mature for her years and is great fun to work with. Her humor is very much on my level meaning, she gave as good as she got. She has a great commercial look and I think both Megan and Holly have a great future ahead of them! A great night overall with plenty of pizza and giggles.