In the studio with... Ryan Davis-Hall

I love working with male models but finding people that fit with my style and vision always seems to be a bit of a challenge. I like characters, the unusual and the emotive. I find females are a lot more comfortable with getting into a character but male models can be a bit more reserved and you just end up with happy/moody, so Mr Ryan Davis-Hall was a revelation for me! A talented young man that is happy to try anything. I'm also not really a fan of shooting the tattooed alt-model genre. It's not that I don't like tattoos, I just feel it's too easy to end with the tattoos being the focus of the shoot rather than just a cosmetic part of the image. However Ryan wears his so well that they are hard to avoid but he brings so much more to a shoot that they don't overwhelm it.

For the first set, I wanted to try a new, very simple, high key lighting setup, using one light behind Ryan, bouncing off the white wall behind him and shooting through a home made hole in a large reflector directly in front of him. This gives the bright wrap round light I was looking for and worked well. 

Then Ryan got his hat out and I knew I wanted more shadow and atmosphere so went back to my regular set up using the gridded beauty dish to put him in the spotlight.

Lastly Ryan donned the tartan so I switched to another contrasty, high key look this time to make the red pop.

I loved working with Ryan , he's a gent and great model - not nearly a scary as his appearance gives off!

MODEL // Ryan