Before and After

I have recently been discussing how many images I give from a shoot and the answer is that it can vary massively depending on the style of shoot. If I am shooting a portfolio shoot there can be a lot of usable images (in the 100's!). I'm an excitable sort of person and I always strive to get as many different looks as possible to maximise the shoot, which can make things very difficult when it comes to selecting images. This isn't such a bad thing though when the client is paying per image! If I am shooting beauty it can be the totally opposite and I am looking for just a single 'wow' image. These also take a lot more time when it comes to post processing so this has to be taken into consideration.

I have never done this before and I feel like I'm baring my soul but here are two little videos I've made to show some before and after results of my images. I have includes two versions to show the difference in how much editing can vary between different types of images!