Why Am I S***?

Recently on social media I have seen a massive increase in self confidence issues amongst the a lot of the creatives I chat too. Photographer, MUA's and models. All of us face this at some point, some of us are just more open about it than others. Chatting to a lot of my friends its obvious this is all part and parcel of the creative headspace. The general feeling is that we wouldn't keep improving if we didn't constantly self criticise and seek to better ourselves.

Some people think that 'Why can't I create work like that?' social media posts are just people fishing for compliments and attention. Yes, In a way, I guess they are. But I do think these people (I'm guilty of it myself) are genuinely questioning themselves and seeking approval of their art. Is that a bad thing? Surely social media is a place we chat to our friends and look for shoulders to lean on? Isn't it our outlet to showcase our work and get instant feedback?

We are creatives, just like musicians and social media is our venue. Without social media we'd be a band playing to an empty pub. So find yourself a circuit of supportive creatives, there are good people out there, and stick with them. Be nice to each other and lift each other up.

If you're feeling low and stuck and low in mojo, stick a post out there and bask in the love. F*** the haters. In my experience the egos that feel they are at the top of their game tend to plateau and shoot the same thing forever with no originality. But hey, its well lit according to the 1980's workshop with the internationally published creative they went on. Each to their own but Its a shame some of the most amazing new creatives don't share some of this confidence so they can flourish and share their work to bigger audiences just due to insecurities.

Keep doing what you do, keep improving and never stop learning.