Mood boarding with Evernote

I have been using the app Evernote for a while now at work and also for simply collecting my ideas/thoughts for shoots but after getting frustrated with Pinterest for mood boards recently I thought I would give Evernote a try and I have to say I'm totally hooked!

Don't get me wrong, I still love Pinterest for inspiration and can waste away hours absorbing images, but I do find it very limiting as a mood board. Everyone involved can pin to boards and its a great way to show a vibe. The thing I don't like is that its hard to finalise a concept and make definite, clear decisions. With multiple people posting it's difficult to know which images you have decided to ignore and what parts of an image you are actually focusing on. This is where Evernote excels!

Currently I'm the only one in my teams using Evernote so I'm limited to making changes myself but you can still share the board (or note as its called in app) with people that don't have the app (see link below) and I have to say it presents beautifully.

However, when a whole team uses the app ( I forgot to mention the basic version is free as well!) it really comes into its own! The creator of a note can invite everybody to add images, change text and annotate images. You can create to do lists and even hold an online chat while viewing the project!

I have created a very basic mood board here to show you the simple process:

First you create multiple notebooks. I have one for organised shoots and one for ideas. You can share notebooks and individual notes so this way I can keep organised shoots private but show my MUA/ Stylist all my ideas to choose what we are going to do next.

Then on the individual note you can add all sorts of media, text, images, even video if you were taking inspiration from one!

Then if you download an app called Skitch, which works in the background, you can annotate images from within Evernote adding highlights, arrows, notes directly to images. This makes everything so much clearer than Pinterest what parts you like.

Here is the link to a very basic, mocked up mood board to demonstrate how effective this works for all team members involved. 

I feel like I have only scratched the surface so far as I know there are many other features and apps that integrate with Evernote. If you use mood boards why not head over to Evernote right now sign up and give it a go? I'd love to hear your thoughts and any tips you have that can improve my experience?