Creative Insomnia!



It's 9.30pm you're totally shattered, time to get your head down and recharge your batteries. You head up to bed, strip off, lie down and as your head hits the pillow, boom...

Your brain explodes like a movie on fast forward. Visions of images you've seen throughout the day, anything from the awesome shot from a photographer that you're jealous you didn't take, to the colouring of a duck in the park that would make a great makeup look. 

You start to plan shoots, think of models that would be perfect for that amazing duck concept, usually one that would never work with you, in a location that would never grant you access and a lighting setup you could never afford. 

You roll over and look at the clock 12.00, damn you need some sleep you have work tomorrow. You close your eyes and the visions turn a little more surreal and dreamy.

3.30, damn you, duck get out my head...Your brain starts pinning images to the pinterest board you know you're going to make in the morning.

All of a sudden you are awoken by the cries of two babies awake and crying. You roll over 5.15 and, crap, its time for the cycle to start tired though...

True story... Yes even the duck bit!

I know from my newsfeed this is a common thing especially amongst creatives and that I'm not the only one. Do you have a theory why it affects us so much and what do you do to switch off?

Oh and anyone fancy being an awesome duck?