I have been trying to organise a shoot with Holly Alexander ever since we did our 15 minute project together, but for one reason or another, one of us has always been busy. We finally managed to synchronize our diaries last week and meet up one evening after she finished working.

I have had a few shoots now with Holly and always ended up great results, this one was no different.  With the dark nights now here, I really wanted to get out the studio and capture those city lights as a backdrop with a sexy, casual vibe.

After first meeting at the studio, we headed out to wander around the local area with Chris Kelly kindly being my voice operated light stand for the night.

Nightwalker web (19 of 40).jpg
Nightwalker web (16 of 40).jpg

I didn't want to use speedlights for the shoot. I like to look for what I call, 'little puddles of light' for my subject to stand in, then use simple led lights to add some fill where needed. This is great for these kind of night walks as it allows to set set up shoots quickly and, what you see is what you get. You can place the light exactly where your want it to hit the subject.

I loved this relaxed shoot and it's given me a wanderlust to get out of the studio more.

I hope you enjoy them too and you can see the full set here!

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