Kate Moss Book Review

I recently purchased this Kate Moss coffee table book to add to my growing collection. Published in 2012 it is an exhaustive collection of images from her amazing career., that started as a teenager and is still going strong now in her 40's. Kate is one of my all time favourite models, I love her versatility, confident poses and attitude.

The book was released with eight unique covers shot by Mario Testino, Corinne Day, Inez and Vinooh, Craig McDean, Mert & Marcus, David Sims, Mario Sorrenti and Yurgen Teller. I ordered my copy from Amazon and had no choice of cover and recieved the Craig McDean cover (the first image above) which I was happy with but there wasn't really a bad one anyway!

It was bigger than I expected, measuring in at 27 x 4 x 36 cm but I love these huge books, they are great to collect and really feel like you are getting your money's worth. The book just oozes quality.

Created by Kate Moss herself and edited by creative directors Fabien Baron, Jess Hallett, and Jefferson Hack, it is described as a highly personal retrospective of her career from the 90's through to recent work and includes 'never seen before' images.

Strangely the book isn't in chronological order but that doesn't effect the pleasure of browsing through the high quality printed pages. 

It really is an excellent and exhaustive portfolio of all her work and easily makes you  realise why she has become such a recogognisable and iconic figure in modern popular culture. 

I highly recommend this book to anybody with an interest in fashion photography looking for inspiration or that's just a fan of one of this generation's most iconic models.