In (and around) the studio with... Jilda Thomas

I managed to finally persuade the best 'non-model' I know, Jilda Thomas back to the studio a couple of weeks ago for a second shoot. The last shoot we did was an awesome beauty shot that, mainly down to Jilda's amazing face, went way better than any of us could of hoped for and are some of my favourite shots to date. We planned a similar thing this time around, but unfortunately the MUA cancelled at short notice so I gave Jilda the option to postpone or just come in for a simple play. Thankfully Jilda was happy to come and stand in front of my lens! Jilda has such a positive personality and is such a happy spirit that it's hard not to capture that vibe in the images and although we were limited with what we had to play with I think we came up with a great set of images!

Jilda is such a natural and should really get involved in the 'modelling scene more! Hopefully I'll persuade her in again in another 12 months!