Were all human.

Lately, a lot of people that are starting out. Models, MUA's and photographers alike, have been telling me how they struggle with confidence to start to arrange shoots and approach people as they feel they are not good enough and will look stupid.

One thing I've learnt in life and my job is to not be afraid to approach or talk to people.

Don't ever be intimidated by rank, wealth, race, intelligence, ability, sexual preference etc. People are just people, were all basically the same, irrelevant of background. Everybody has some sort of insecurity, we all fear illness/death, we all love to laugh and fall in love whether you're the director of a multi million pound company or clean toilets.

So take the plunge and speak to people. The worst thing that can happen is they can ignore you or say no thanks. What have you lost? I think most of the time people will surprise you.