In the studio with...Immogen McNamera

Next up on the shoot list is Immogen (2 m's, it's important to her) McNamera with amazing makeup skills of the young, but talented Natalie Wood. This was such a great team to work with, combining Natalies amazing creativeness with Immogen's passion and excited enthusiasm I think anything could happen! To start with we did a couple of quick, creative beauty looks (Natalie is crazy fast!) and then moved on to the big finale and plan for the night, getting messy with glitter! I really enjoyed this shoot. It was loads of fun - once I got past my nerves of Immogen trashing the studio! I know I've found another regular team in Immogen and Natalie, and hopefully, good friends as well! In fact I've already done another shoot yet to be edited with Immogen and talking about more soon as well!