Studio Sunset with Shawna

This weeks, mid week shoot was all a bit of a disaster losing my MUA and then model due to family health reasons and all on my new young assistants first night. Rather than cancel, we decided to still go to the studio and show a few simple lighting setups for her. This was good fun (for me at least), as I love discussing photography and it's refreshing my knowledge base. Inspiring me to think about using set ups that I haven't played with for ages. It's amazing how easily you get stuck in a rut or comfort zone. 

As the light dropped in the studio and we hit the 'golden hour' we switched to playing with some of the natural light that was flooding in. This was the outcome and benefit of having a beautiful model as your assistant when cancellations sometimes happen!

I'm actually really enjoying having a change and just playing with some relaxing, casual shoots recently. It's bringing my mojo back!