Want to Create! I think you're great!


My name is Matt and I'm a fashion/beauty/model photographer with a studio based in the heart of the jewellery quarter in Birmingham.

Whilst most of my website is aimed towards obtaining paid work, I also like to work on unpaid personal projects to keep the passion for my hobby alive. So why have you been asked to visit my page?  I'm always on the look out for new, interesting people to photograph. The chances are myself or one of my team have spotted you and think you would be perfect for one of these type of shoots.

Please, please note - there is absolutely no cost and no catches whatsoever. Just purely a fun, relaxed photoshoot and hopefully some great images created, which of course you would be fully entitled to. All I ask of you is to communicate with me well and be reliable on the day.


Q: Can I bring someone with me?

A: Of course, as a chaperone. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible. You are also free to come alone.

Q: Who else will be at the shoot?

A: I usually work with a makeup artist that will help style the shoot and assist me through out. They may also be an assistant helping me.

Q: Is there any catch, will I have to pay for any extra images?

A: No not at all. Any final, fully edited digital images created at the shoot, you will be entitled to totally free of charge as a thank you for your time. (Anything from one heavily stylised, conceptual image to twenty simpler fashion images. It all depends on what we decide to do on the shoot, but this will be communicated before hand.)

Q: Can I have all the images taken at the shoot

A: No, I'm afraid not. Purely because there are always poor images taken, everybody takes some bad shots and I don't want these to be seen and water down the quality of my work. I will only release images I am happy with.

Q: What will I do with the images?

A: These shoots are firstly, to scratch my creative itch as an artist. They allow me to practice new concepts and have fun. I would ask though that I can use the images for promotional purposes to showcase my work. You will be asked on the day to sign a release form that will allow me to use the images for this reason. I am more than happy to send you a copy of this up front so that it is totally transparent what you will be signing.

Q: Will I be asked to do something I am not comfortable with? (i.e. nudity)

A: Not at all, As you can see from my work I do shoot lingerie and nudity occasionally but actually prefer to avoid it unless it makes sense and adds to the image. Before the shoot we will communicate clearly about the idea for the shoot and set up an online mood board to illustrate the kind of images we will be creating. On the day of the shoot I will 100% stick to whatever concept is agreed, there is zero threat of me asking you to go beyond this. I am proud of my reputation for making sure my model is 100% happy during the shoot. We have a private changing room in the studio and you will have 100% privacy. You can also see my portfolio on Purpleport which has many references for me

Q: Why is this page hidden from your main website?

A: Purely because I get asked a lot about free shoots from wannabe models. If this page was visible I wouldn't get any paid work any more and would get loads of emails from people that don't hit the mark creatively. The idea behind this is it is only for non  models I have selected to work with!

Q: Will I be able to get you more work or help you progress as a model?

A: No, I am not a model agency and have no affiliation with one. I can help you in the sense I will direct you and give you tips on how to pose. I can also give you advice on what to do next if you'd like to give modelling a try but I have no 'in roads' in to the industry. Whilst I also offer paid portfolio shoots, there is no upsell from these shoots. If you have been asked to one of these personal project shoots I am doing it 100% for fun as I think you will make an interesting subject. I have no intention to persuade you to buy anything!

Q: Sounds fun, I'd like to know more. What next?

A: Please either add me on facebook and drop me a message or send me an email including a couple of simple photos to remind me who you are and I'll explain more with absolutely no commitment on your behalf.